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About Us

Hire Dimensions’ core competency is attracting, recruiting, screening, qualifying, and helping clients hire the best skilled labor talent for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and home service business.

Applicantlist is a culmination of over 20 years of experience and product evolution designed with award winning technology and one single goal for the contracting home business - cost effectively attract, screen, test,  qualify, and hire only the best talent. Years of development and thousands of clients have helped us design a user friendly recruiting platform that meets the basic needs of owners and hiring managers. This platform maximizes your recruiting dollar allowing you to bore down into each market to find the best available talent with premium job distribution and a unique custom screening and testing platform.

Selective Hiring is an integrated testing tool that can help our clients understand the levels of competency BEFORE they hire. Seamless to a job post,  the client can get scores immediately from any applicant upon application to a job. Important competencies that applicant brings to a job like team ability, work ethics, reliability, problem solving, customer service ability, honesty, etc. all can have an immediate impact on performance levels once a new hire starts the job.

Background checks and Drug testing are seamlessly available next to any applicant’s name on the Applicantlist portal. All the client has to do is send request for these services. This makes the time to hire faster and more efficient. Information stays with the client file indefinitely. We also have a standalone portal called, SelectCheck, that is quick, easy, and highly effective for any user that needs the service.