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Hire the Right Person the First Time

Confirm Candidates' Backgrounds to Decrease Hiring Disasters

Many application forms contain falsified information, and theft by employees could potentially cause your business to fail. Discovering possible issues before you hire someone is crucial to your overall success. Weed out dishonest candidates and individuals who have a history of drug use or violence with carefully performed background checks from Hire Dimensions. We focus on saving small companies time and money as it relates to the people they hire and employ.

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Advantages Gained:

• Develop a Solid, Trusted Workforce
• Increase Productivity
• Reduce Shrinkage Rates
• Build Your Market Image
• Decrease Training Costs
• Comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act Standards

Choosing Dependable Employees

Our software system, detailed services, and consulting expertise have prevented thousands of businesses from making the wrong decisions regarding new employees or vendors to hire. A disastrous choice sometimes cripples even the most astute human resources professional. We conduct an extensive background screening to ensure you hire the right person the first time. Rates start at $38.00.

Background Checks Include:

• Canadian Search Nationwide
• Criminal Search Covering More Than 400 Million Records

• Unlimited County Searches
• Motor Vehicle Registration
• Ongoing Criminal Monitoring
• Sex Offender History

Support for Background checks only: (866) 300-8524

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